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We all use SIMs of different operators, and each SIM has some special codes, which are different from each other, we need this code at different times, and it is difficult to remember so many codes. However, on our site, you will find the necessary code in almost all operators. Today we will know about the Numbers check code and other necessary codes of Airtel SIM.

If you are an Airtel User, then today's article is for you, in today's post I will try sharing the necessary code with the code to view the number of Airtel SIMs, I hope it will be useful for you guys who find - How to know my Airtel Number.

Airtel number check Code:

If you are an Airtel customer then hopefully you are more or less aware of the benefits of Airtel. For many of us who forget our SIM number, it is difficult to remember these codes in the midst of so much trouble. Many people have questions in their minds about how to see Airtel numbers, how to check minutes.

Just Dial a short code, you can check your Airtel SIM number, Airtel SIM number check code is - *2#

Just Write the winning code on the dial pad of your phone, select Airtel SIM, and dial, you will see your Airtel SIM number.

Airtel is one of the leading SIM operators in our country, which used to be separate but now Robi and Airtel are working togetherPeople in Bangladesh use GP, Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk SIMs, and Airtel SIMs.The offers are winning the hearts of buyers. Almost every offer of Airtel is but relatively cheap compared to other operators. Whether it is an internet offer or a minute offer (Airtel min check) or SMS, in almost every case they are winning the hearts of their customers with beautiful offers.

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Airtel minute pack check code:

In addition, if you want to see all the services of Airtel SIM together, download MY Airtel Apps from the link below. Here you will find all kinds of benefits including checking minutes, viewing SMS, viewing offers all about Airtel.



My Airtel Apps









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Feature OF my Airtel Apps

  • Check your Call History.
  • Check your Airtel account balance.
  • View simplified bills for post-paid, including roaming bills.
  • Recharge with simple, easy steps.
  • Buy Internet Packs.
  • Buy Bundle, Voice Packs.
  • Buy and manage Value Added Services, including Caller Tunes.
  • Create your own plan using MyPlan App.
  • Manage your FnFs — transfer the balance to your friends.
  • Check Sports Update.
  • Check Weather Update

Below are some more required codes for Airtel SIM -

v Dial to check balance / outstanding bill - * 1 #

v Dial to check your mobile number - * 2 #

v Dial to check the internet, data, or MB in Airtel SIM - * 3 #

v Dial to buy internet pack - * 4 #

v Dial to turn on and off popular VAS - * 5 #

v Dial to know your package and call tariff - * 6 #

v Dial to turn on and off promotional SMS - * 7 #

v Dial for Prepaid Air Credit - * 8 #

v For request to stop all value-added services - * 9 #

v Dial * 0 # for minute bundle offer


Airtel * 121 # Benefits:

Airtel has found * 121 # service for the convenience of the customers.* 121 # The benefits you will get in the service - All Airtel customers will be able to enjoy the following benefits as they wish:

ü  You can check your account balance and bills

ü  You can know your package and tariff as well as activate the desired offer

ü  You can activate the desired internet package

ü  You can add and delete FNF and favorite numbers

ü  Popular Value Add service can be turned on and off

ü  You can transfer the balance to Airtel number and much more

 Airtel USSD BOT

Now Airtel prepaid and post-paid customers will get all the necessary digital services (minutes, data, balance, and others) through BOT.

 Dial * 8 # to get service and use possible keywords.

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